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Selling these for my friend. The wheels are in Ravenswood, WV.
Matt maddox
Ravenswood WV

$1000 picked up + shipping

Alright, putting my advans up for sale since the si is gone.. The wheels are in old shape but do have some blemishes. A few small marks and one wheels has a spot on the face of the spoke. No bends or anything, i took individual photos of each wheel face. IMO theyre real nice wheels, they do have newer nitto tires on them however the previous owner ( god bless his heart ) has his hatch "stanced" or whatever they call it lol and ate the inside of the tires real nice, bald inside basically. However I ran them on my si for months with no issues. On a car that's aligned you'll get thousands of miles out of them, if you don't like the idea then get new tires lol either way. Now, these are legit blah blah, they're $522 a piece new. I'm pretty sure they do not make the bronze 15" rg2's anymore but I'm not certain. Thanks for looking

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