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Not willing to part out, looking to sell this as a whole complete package. For pickup only in Danville, CA.

The hardtop is black with headliner and defroster. It has the 1992-1997 defroster pigtail on it.

Paint, glass, headliner, and seals are all in excellent condition.

Two cracks in the interior, behind the driver and passenger windows respectively. These were there when I bought the top half a year ago, and have not progressed at all. They do not affect the structural integrity of the top. The previous owner did this by tightening his side latches too tightly
. Regardless, I will include a tube of epoxy to easily fix it up, even though I did not think it was necessary.

One of the threads is stripped out in the drivers top latch, was because the latches were red loctited in. It doesn't affect the seal or anything, and I used the spec miata brackets with the stripped out thread for 4 months. This is a pretty common issue among earlier hardtops because the factory latches were loctited in from factory.

Included with hardtop:
*Epoxy to fix the cracks
*Rennenmetal spec miata brackets w/ hardware
*stock top and side latches
*OEM hardtop hoist, in original box from 93

*Frankenstein bolts

Will part with all this for $1000 firm, in cash.
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