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EDIT: Sold.

While the Miata is for sale, I will be going with a functional setup, so these wheels have to go. I'm over stance. Time to drive.

Supa-dupa rare 17" AND 4x100 factory-drilled Brock B1s.
17x8.5" ET 13
17x10" ET 20
(In pics, I am running a 5mm spacer all around. Spacers NOT included.)

$1300 + shipping without tires.
$1600 + shipping with tires.

Tires are 215/35/17 & 225/35/17 Falken FK452 with less than 500 miles on them. However, the rear sidewalls are absolutely haggard.

Condition? Used.

If you know anything about these wheels, you'll know that you can't find these specific B1s, and when you do, nobody is willing to sell them. The price is the price. Don't negotiate.


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Whats the fender to wheel center on that setup? Those wheels are tits!
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