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Parting out my car, starting with the drivetrain and turbo kit.

RX7 Turbo 2 Drivetrain conversion- $2,900 OBO. Will include the following:
• RX7 Turbo 2 trans (rebuilt shifter, doesn’t grind/make noise in any gear. Bellhousing modified to fit around adapter plate and miata starter)
• custom 6061 aluminum adaptor plate (to bolt trans to engine)
• RX7 Turbo 2 trans crossmember (will need simple custom mounts to your transmission tunnel- either welded or bolted on. Mine are welded)
• racing beat poly transmission mounts for RX7 turbo 2 (bolt trans to OEM crossmember)
• custom clutch fork (to work with adapter plate)
• custom Miata/RX7 hybrid sprung 6 puck clutch from clutchnet
• driveshaft shop aluminum driveshaft
• spare shortened RX7 Turbo 2 driveshaft
• modified rear subframe powdercoated gray (RX7 diff bolts right in, eliminates the use of the PPF)
• custom RX7 Turbo 2 hubs modified to be 4x100 (uses stock rx7 turbo 2 wheel bearings)
• stock RX7 Turbo 2 axles (plenty strong and can be purchased anywhere
• rear big brake kit with 2 piece rotors (rotor hub bore was enlarged to fit over the RX7 hubs. Uses stock rear calipers with spacer brackets)
• RX7 Turbo 2 rear diff powdercoated chrome (rebuilt by a reputable race shop, cost me ~$2k, I have the receipt. All mazdaspeed components used for rebuild, lsd was stiffened up with a mazdaspeed competition clutch pack. Diff studs on the subframe were replaced/rewelded by the same shop. Also has mazdaspeed miata upper bushings)
• a pair of 6061 billet 10mm wheel spacers

I’ll throw in the front big brake kit for free (11” rotors and wildwood calipers so your brake bias will be OK with the rear big brake kit). I designed this system so that none of the wear items were custom- you can buy parts pretty much anywhere. This system eliminates the use of the PPF, and simple brackets will need to be made to adapt the RX7 TII trans. crossmember to the miata transmission tunnel. I can provide pictures of the brackets I made (they’re welded to the car). One of the strongest drivetrains you can have in a miata- basically unbreakable.

Built engine (~5,000 miles)- $3,500 OBO. Will include the following:
Short Block (’95 miata 1.8)
• Bored out to 1.92 L
• Weisco 8.6:1 oversized turbo pistons
• Pouter connecting rods
• ARP main & head studs
• All new bearings & gaskets at the time of rebuild
• lightened & balanced OEM crank
• Boundary Engineering shimmed high-flow oil pump w/ billet gears
• Ford Racing water pump w/ powdercoated water pump pulley
• Oil pan tapped for turbo oil return and oil temp gauge
• ATI Super Damper
• OEM alternator painted black
• powdercoated oem lower water neck
Head (’95 miata 1.8)
• REV 0.5mm oversize intake & exhaust valves
• REV valve retainers
• Flyin Miata valve springs
• 258 duration intake/exhaust camshafts
• Flyin Miata adjustable cam gears
• port-matched intake/exhaust manifold ports
• Inconel exhaust studs
• Miataroadster Phenolic intake spacer kit
• OEM valve seals on intake side, Viton seals on exhaust side (purchased from 949 Racing)
• gates racing timing belt

Slight oil leak from one of the oil pan half-moon gaskets (leaves some drops in the garage overnight) which should be addressed before going back into the car. Engine made 300 whp and revs to 8500 RPM. I can provide the dyno graph, video of the car running, and the receipt from the shop that did the machine work as well as pictures after machining and going back into the car.

Additional engine items for purchase:
Electrical stuff:
• $150: Toyota COP conversion kit
• $350: Megasquirt PnP w/ IAT sensor
• $30: BMW variable TPS modded to bolt up to stock miata TPS location (functions 100% with aftermarket ECU programming)
• $20: OEM Miata 1.6 real oil pressure sensor
• $30: OEM Miata 1.6 CAS
• $30: Autometer sport comp mechanical boost gauge w/ green LED, 52mm
• $75; AEM wideband controller w/ sensor w/ green LED, 52mm
• $150 Custom Revlimiter gauge cluster w/ complete LED swap. (1.6 cluster, so has real oil pressure gauge)

Fuel/Oil/Coolant stuff:
• $100: Aeromotive FPR with gauge & AN fittings
• $20: Flyin Miata silicon lower radiator hose
• $10: tee for miata oil pressure sensor & 1/8” NPT (threads into block)
• $100: Mazda 323 GTX valve cover powdercoated w/ (2) -16AN bungs welded on
• $175: Flyin Miata oil cooler with thermostat and -8AN SS braided feed/return lines w/ black fittings
• $75: Moroso aluminum catch can w/ (2) -16 SS braided lines w/ black fittings
• $25: OEM Miata oil cooler
• $150: RC 750cc high impedance injectors
• $40: Walbro 255 HP fuel pump
• $150: 949 Racing coolant reroute
• $120: 6061 billet aluminum dual feed fuel rail w/ -6AN SS braided lines & black fittings

Misc. engine related stuff:
• $60: Miata battery purchased through Flyin Miata (kept on battery tender at all times when not in use)
• $300: 3” SS exhaust (straight as possible, and tucked up as high as possible. Left exit, will require trimming of rear bumper)
• $20: Apexi air filter with 3” adaptor bracket
• $60: Mazdaspeed miata engine mounts
• $150: Custom 1.8 intake manifold (’95 miata). Cut open, and EGR tunnel fully removed. Ported/polished the internal chamber before welding back up. Has the Flyin Miata 1.8 to 1.6 throttle body spacer welded to the manifold

Turbo kit- $2,600 OBO. Will include the following:
• GT2871R ball-bearing turbo (0.60 intake, 0.63 exhaust). Ceramic coated exhaust housing, powdercoated intake side. Turbo was sent back to Garrett for a full rebuild (~5,000 miles on rebuild)
• DEI Turbo blanket
• ETD shorty tubular exhaust manifold. Ceramic coated, and wrapped with DEI titanium header wrap
• Tial 44mm wastegate
• (2) -4AN SS braided vacuum lines w/ black fittings (for use with the wastegate)
• Hallman manual boost controller
• Golden Eagle vacuum block
• (1) -3AN SS braided oil feed line w/ black fittings, fitting for block, and aerospace fire sleeving
• (1) -10AN SS braided oil return line w/ black fittings and aerospace fire sleeving
• ETS black intercooler with 2.5” SS powdercoated piping (fittings welded on for Apexi BOV and IAT sensor) w/ mounting brackets
• 3” SS downpipe. Ceramic coated and wrapped with DEI titanium header wrap
• AEM 3” air filter (biggest filter that can fit under a miata hood)


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The following have been sold:

-short block
-strut brace
-lower rad hose
-wideband 02
-boost gauge
-COP setup
-BMW variable TPS
-750cc injectors

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