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name: anthony
location: central, nj
contact: PM or cell/call/text 732-312-3208

The top is about a year old and is in great condition. Clear plastic window with NO CRACKS. No zipper, its the seamless top. Come with latches, front bow, new handle, ribbing, tightening straps, rain rail, window seals, all mounting bolts, Everything you need. No holes, no leaks, no rips. It's a tight fitting top and looks great.

Pictures were taken recently. You can check the metadata on the images. I'll post up shots of the top taken out of the car. Just took it out so I didnt take the shots yet. I'll get those pictures up soon or call/text and i'll send them.

THERE IS A CRACK IN THE RAIN RAIL. YOU MAY WANT A NEW ONE OR YOU CAN REPAIR THIS ONE. It's not that bad and I never had a water leak or rust problem. Otherwise the top is perfect. Selling because I got a hardtop and have no need for this anymore. This is also a great candidate for a DIY G-String top.

Just an FYI; The seamless top windows are usually "wavy" when you first raise them, but get tight like a drum when they sit in the sun for an hour or so. This top is NOT baggy at all. It pulls tight
Pictures of it out of the car will be posted soon. Local deal is better since I'd want you to check the top out yourself before making a decision.

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