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I'm selling my complete Electromotice TEC3 programmable ecu. If you are not familiar wth the TEC you can check out their site at http:// to see the features and capabilities. I was running it on my 1.8l turbo and after selling that was planning to use it my itb build but I've changed my mind on that.

Along with the basic ECU I have everything else to get it running: full unterminated wiring harness, direct fire unit for 4 cylinder (coils), custom Magnecor 8.5mm plug wires, toothed trigger wheel and the following sensors with pigtails on the harness: air intake temp (AIT), coolant temp (CLT), oxygen sensor (narrowband O2), 2 bar MAP, and crank trigger. The only one you will need is TPS which you should already have on your throttle body. I'm also including the optional idle air control stepper motor. I didn't need it for my application but maybe you will. The ECU uses serial output to the computer but I have a USB adapter as well.

I also have the required trigger mounts. The wheel mount is for 94-97 1.8L, it may fit others but you'll need to verify. It fits on the crank pulley and held on by the same 4 screws that hold the pulley on. The trigger sensor mount was cnc'd out of aluminum. It has worked fine for me but the previous owner did a little modification (filing) to the bottom so it's only using 1 screw to hold the sensor instead of 2. I'm not sure which firmware it's current running but you can easily flash the newest and download the software.

A new TEC3r (not much different) is $3000, the lower end TEC-GT is $2300. That's not including the sensors (~$150), idle air control ($200), or mounts and plug wires (~$400). I'm asking $1100 shipped for all of it, including paypal fees.
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