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HI, i have a 91 miata with 175k. i bought it recently but i wish i would have waited and bought an NB. I WOULD BE MORE INTERESTED IN A TRADE but, i will sell if i get decent cash.

the good: (everything is about 1 month/ 300 miles old)
-no problems, recently smogged and registered. (did the valve cover gasket, plugs, wires)
-raceland coilovers
-new top (installed 2 days ago)
-xxr 527's flat black (not a single scratch)
-falken 512's (full thread)
-short shifter
-1.8 brake upgrade (brand new rotors, new calipers ans new pads)
-clean body (not a single dent)
-custom exhaust (nothing fancy)

the bad:
-no stereo
-shifter boot torn
-small tear on seat headrest
-driver window regulator needs to be replaced
-spray paint paint job (i like it some wont)

i can easily replace the regulator, install pop up light and shift boot if needed.

like i said id like an nb... if anyone is interested in a purchase make me an offer. (for everyone who looks at this thread, please help me come up with a fair price to sell as i will be posting on other threads and would like to know how much my car is worth? ill also update it here after i have an idea).

[/URL] [/IMG]

thanks in advance... nb here i come:mrgreen:
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