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Southwest ky
$1200 or trade
pm, reply or call 27o-350-2469

Getting tired of seeing my beloved works collecting dust so I decided I'd offer them up to one of you fine folks, lug pattern is 4x100, bald 205/50 tires, I'd like to trade more than anything for some early 80's to early 90's jdm or euro legitimate brand wheels in a more aggressive offset. *I'm after anything strange looking, aero style wheels, mesh, three spoke advan style, stark style.. specifically, ssr reverse mesh, gale l36, ssr fins, spinner fins, ssr hasemi, compomotive th line, bb arrows, ats classic etc etc

They look good on pretty much anything.. please feel free to ask questions, these are in great shape, with some fading on the center caps and on very minuscule curb, tires are bald but can be used for a short time if needed.
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