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All items are in CT. Shipping and paypal fees are not included unless otherwise stated.

Sticky pod (comes with 1 extra suction cup): $60

B6-BP throttle cable adapter plate with 90 throttle cable (~160K): $10

1.6 CTS of some sort: $5

Turbo coolant inlet and outlet: $15

BP valve cover done wrinkle black (used VHT primer and VHT wrinkle paint), exposed cam gears, there is one spot on the back that didn't wrinkle up that can be seen in the pic of the rear. Comes with a clean used gasket and the grommet for the pcv valve: $old

Front mud guards (there are two blemishes on the drivers side one [can be seen in the pics] and have all but one fastener): $old

1.6 thermostat housing coolant temp sensor: $old

Ebay fstb (only one bolt/nut): $old

SS ARP M10x1.25 (same length as the retaining bolts for cam gears): $old

GM EBC solinoid (couldn't get my ebc circuit to work properly and am using a manual controller, it tested satisfactory): $old
1 - 20 of 26 Posts
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