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Ive got my steering wheel set up for grabs. The wheel is the Grip Royal Royal grain steering wheel with the royal engraving and the optional horn from grip royal. The Wheel is currently sold out from the site. Its really clean took care of it since day 1 but the only - is the little dent on the wheels its really small and can hardly see, feel or tell but just being honest. And the Nrg quick release is the v1 version. All in great condition and works great. Price is $110 for the wheel with horn and bolt and key, $70 for the NRG QR with bolts all plus shipping and paypal fee. lmk if you have any other question. Located in irvine so if you want to pick up lmk. Price is firm so no LowBallers.
ANd no i dont have the hub. Sorry :<[/IMG

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