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Taste cannot be bought.
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1999 car
Mileage: 124,000
2nd owner
No accidents

Shaved & re-fibreglassed hardtop and shaved hardtop exterior body mounting plates
'Cleaned' treatment on every body panel--smoothed rocker panels, shaved exhaust cutout, passenger door handle, trunk brake light, rear bumper keyhole, front & rear bumper sidemarkers, washer nozzles, antenna, emblem holes
OEM Mazda early NA hardtop without defroster lines
OEM Mazda NB front lip
OEM Mazda Japanese-spec front tow hook
Garage Vary eyelids
Custom taillight vinyl overlays--horizontally-slotted turn signal & reverse lights
Deleted wiper assembly
V-LEDS LED license plate lights
6000K HIDs

16x9" Schmidt ML (will not come with the pictured Brocks)
Tein Basic coilovers
Flyin Miata front & rear sway bars
Flyin Miata frame rails

BPI Performance Velocity Stack--3.5" Flow Stack Kit mated to a Racing Beat intake elbow
OEM Mazda NB2 tubular header upgrade
Custom mandrel-bent, header-back 2" straight pipe mated to a 4x9" Jones Full Boar muffler
Mazdaspeed Motorsports motor mounts
Motor raised for ground clearance
Custom welded steel subframe, engine, and rear differential skidplates
Deleted A/C unit

280mm Momo Team steering wheel
Deleted soft top
Pioneer receiver
V-LEDS LED dome light



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Saw the Craigslist ad at like 3AM the first night you threw this up. Hope this sells... quick. I want to see what you next move will be. GLWS!

Also you got a PM

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I wish I could buy it.

1. Graffiti paint job
2. New passenger door
3. Raise it up a but with some track wheels
4. Drift the hell out of it.
5. Profit.

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I absolutely love this car. Hope it goes to a good home and good luck with your future plans.
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