FS: Rota Circuit 8's 16x7 4x100/114.3 +40

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Hey, selling these wheels that are just sitting. No tires are mounted on em'.
Posted as NB parts cus' the size but maybe you could pull em' off in your NA.

They're in pretty good shape. Pretty dirty and have a couple scratches here and there but if you clean em' they'll look a lot better plus you could always repaint them easily since no tires are mounted.

They all pretty much look the same as the one shown.. dirty. Lol.

I'll clean em' and take better pix if requested.

I would like $250. for all four.

ROTA CIRCUIT 8 16x7 4x100/114.3 +40 OFFSET in GUNMETAL.

Located in Ontario, CA. I moved.

call/text 5624537483

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I was trying to get rid of my wheels too. Same size and offset as yours, but apparently no one wants wheels with these dimension because we are in the phase of hellaflushness and whatnot haha. In any case, I wanted to suggest putting them up on your local ceigslist and list cars like integra, civic, crccrx, del sol, etc as well because they have the same bolt pattern. It will expand your outreach. Good luck!
That's supposed to say crx but my phone is tripping out lol
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