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I just swapped to a 1.8 so have the OEM in the garage.

135k Miles

Item List:
2 CV Axles (left/right axle) **NOTE: 1 axle on the spline is mushroomed**
1 Drive Shaft
1 Open Diff. (4.3 ratio)
Hardware (8 nuts/bolts to CV Axles)

$100.00 for local pick-up. I guess i could ship USPS but not sure if it would survive ground shipping unless i package it in a rhino container.

1 of the CV Axles is mushroomed a bit on the spline end.. spline is fine, but it isn't possible to get nut back on. :eek: Not sure if it can be wacked back into place.

Pic of Axle coming off:

I'll post better pics when i get home. Short of it is 1 of the two CV Axles outer spline isn't flat...
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