FS: Sparco Corsa bucket seat

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selling my Sparco seat

Price: $450picked up, $525 SHIPPED

The seat is in good condition. Everything is great, except small rip on the drivers side bolster (next to where it meets the door area). Nothing wrong with the seat, just selling it cause I want to try something different. FIA is expired.

This seat is super supportive, no flex, it will hold you in place.

The cushion makes it really comfy as well, for track days I remove the cushion, gives a lot more room (like 2-3"s).

Picture of the Rip, there is another small rip, right under this one, was too small to get a good pic of.

Pictures of the seat:

Sparco Sizing Chart:
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if this is the seat that i am thinking of, its one of the only seats that my fat ass fits in GREAT, and some of my skinny homies also like it aswell
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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