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Nope. We have one test car with auroras. A year of some street and track use. No issues at all. I'm testing wa1s. And it's my primary street car+10 events a year. So I should know how the QA1s stack up soon.

What's the price on the McMasters? And how are you holding the sleeve in, we use either welding or loctite 638 (I think)

Were also not really in it for the profit. So competing with paying vendors is unfair. We just like giving back to the community where products don't exist yet.
I believe for the size I am using the McMaster ones are around $25 each. But they don't have PTFE lined ones for the size I'm using, just bronze lined. I'm using the high strength (but slower cure) Loctite 648 retaining compound.

Just checked out your thread on MT. I'm not really on there much, I just lurk but that's a great thread. So much information!

Talk to me about a full kit when you're ready. I don't have a single Kazespec part on my car. :(
Getting quotes on machine work and I'll have the prototypes started.

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