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Hi everyone,
I am thinking of trading my miata for something different. It has 150k on the chassis and about 50k on the new motor. I might as well start with the bad. It used to have a rust spot on the driver's side, but it has been cut out and sealed with Dupont aircraft sealer and paint from Gulftream. It was in a small fender bender a while back, so the trunk lock is sunken in and would need to be pulled out to be used. It is unnoticeable from the outside and I was going to get it professionally pulled out, but I haven't had the time or money. I have spent a lot of time and money on this car, but have barely driven it since I bought it, so I think it's just not for me. The tune needs a little bit more work on the top end, but is good otherwise. I also have a bunch of spare parts including a type 2 LSD, tan leather seats, OEM lights, and a ton of other stuff. I am sure I am missing things from the list as well. Oh, I also replaced the interior with tan M-edition interior from a car with about 40k on it, so it's in excellent shape. If you have any picture requests or questions please do not hesitate to ask. Thanks.

- New paint job (haven't even washed it yet) using Gulfstream/Dupont Aircraft sealer, primer, paint, and clear. It is Laguna Green Pearl and will not flake off because all of it is 700 mile an hour paint.
- Replaced engine has 47k or so on it. I use only full synthetic Valvoline and K&N filters. The trans. and diff. have Red Line in them.
- Mazdaspeed engine mounts
- M62 supercharger with BRP tension-er bracket from Moss Motors. I have two pulleys, one for 7lbs and one for 10lbs
- Megasquirt PNP full standalone
- J&S individual cylinder knock and spark control
- Innovative LC1 wideband and gauge
- Apexi Boost gauge
- Intercooler
- Type one LSD
- Lw flywheel and stage 3 clutch
- Polished valve cover
- Colder range spark plugs, wires, and thermostat
- New stock replacements include: soft top with glass window, coil pack, fuel pump, drive axles, acv, A/C system components (Compressor is still in the box because I haven't had a chance to install it), etc.
- HKS intake
- full exhaust (most of it is Jackson Racing)
- drilled/slotted rotors and hawk hp plus pads
- Tr wheels with Nitto 205s. Can fit 225 tires.
- One off tail lights
- Brainstorm headlights/ hid (I have the stock ones as well)
- CF mirrors
- 550 fuel injectors
- Autokonexion CF trunk type 1 and shorty console
- GV lip and turn signal intakes
- Flying Miata radiator and fan setup (meant for high power turbo/ v8 swaps)
- Corbeau seat
- Nardi Personal steering wheel
- Illumina 5 way adjustable shocks/struts with eibach HR springs and NB tophats
- Autopower roll bar


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Update: I took the car to the wash today and rinsed it off. I didn't actually wash it due to the fact that the paint is still relatively new. I also took some more picture of the engine bay, the car, the damage in the back, and of one of the tan seats so you get an idea of what they look like. I posted A LOT of pictures, so you can get a really good idea of the shape of the car. Please don't complain that there are too many
. I also have front and rear Eunos badges and CF rear spats on the way. Besides the extra parts that I listed earlier, which will come with the car, I have a number of other stuff which I may include depending on the trade. Some of those are:
1. Extra OEM ICV, coil pack, injectors, cut powder coated valve cover, diff with carrier, etc.
2. Aftermarket HKS water temp gauge, Indiglo oil temp gauge, high flow cat, polished intake manifold, and a few other parts that I have collected, but not installed.


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No, you did not. I apologize for not putting a price on it, but I am looking to trade, not sell. If I had to put a price on it, I guess $7500 OBO seems like a good starting point, but I also have it the ''How much is my car worth" section in order to get a few opinions on it's value. I am also very flexible on the price, especially when it comes to other vehicles' values as far as trading.
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