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Hey guys. We are going into production on a RHD version of our awesome brake master brace.

Price $90 Shipped within the US $114 shipped international

There are 2 versions.

Type 1 will fit most NA and NB models. If you measure from the firewall to the front of the master it should be just under 9". Type II will fit a small percent of NB's without ABS. Please measure before ordering.

There will be a raffle. Anybody that preorders will have their name added to the raffle and will get a chance to win a free brake master brace.

Fill out the form and email me at [email protected]

Name -
Email -
Type I or Type II -
Country -

A little about the product.

Open the hood of your Roadster and have someone step on the brakes. You will witness the firewall flexing and the entire brake master cylinder assembly moving forward. This flexing hampers braking performance and results in a soft brake pedal.

The GarageStar Brake Master Brace creates a bridge between the firewall, master cylinder and shock tower, eliminating firewall flex and allowing the driver to regain maximum braking force and increased pedal stiffness. The Brake Master Brace is formed from steel and is powdercoated in a black finish.

Fits Miatas using factory air box and using Randell cowl or Racing Beat intakes

See what others are saying about the Garage Star Brake Master Brace

Just got back from a NASAAZ Time Trials weekend. It was raining almost the entire day Saturday, and Sunday was on and off. The only difference on my car from the last track event was I changed from ATE superblows to rbf600 and put on this brace.

I could write a lengthy review, but I'll try to keep it short. Pre-brace, I found myself losing brake pressure/feel, due to either a culmination of fluid heating up, pads, or the whole assembly moving foward under hard braking.

This works as it solved almost all my issues. Pretty much constant brake pedal feel the entire day under hard braking. Granted, due to the improved feel, I locked up the brakes a few times since my mind said "this is where it USED to require more pressure" but my foot said "aint nobody got time for that!"

Great product!


Garage Star Brake Master Brace - Buy it. My pedal felt firmer, but not over-firm to where it was tiring to depress all day. The thing I was most impressed with was the consistent pedal feel all day. Every single session and every single lap the brake pedal felt exactly the same into every corner, something I had not experienced with this car before. Because it's a 95M it has an ABS unit, and despite having the unit disabled, it still causes a mushy pedal sometimes toward the end of a track day. Not so with the master brace. I did not bleed the fluid between October and now, so the pedal feel had to have been due to the brace. Buy one, you won't be disappointed.

Elliot Meme

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