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I hope everyone is having a great weekend. I am selling 2 special kits for NB2 (2001-2004). Both of these are brand new, never opened or installed kits. I have had these a long time. I kept them safely stored in my closet well after my 2002 Ti SE was totaled. I have never recovered from that horrible loss. I guess these kits became sort of a monument to the amazing car I had, and I really thought that one day I would get another NB. Alas, times have changed. These are up for sale.

Garage5 Interior trim kit includes:
Set of independent gauge rings
Set of needle caps
Set of gauge lenses
Set of vent trim rings (I think it includes the vent caps too but not 100% sure)
I am not sure if George is still making these or not, but keep in mind the reviews of these kits speak to their high quality. The reviews that I have observed rate the quality above ArtWorks Dewa (AWD) kits. Buy with confidence, as these have not even been taken out of the bubble wrap (except the large gauge rings to show the finish).

Revlimiter GEN2 Stirling Gauge face kit includes covers for the amber style lighting. It comes in the original, unopened package it was shipped in. I have not opened them. I think these will fit all NBs.

$300 for the combo plus shipping. Please feel free to contact with questions! In the Phoenix area.


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