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Ok, so right after I installed my Flex suspension, I went to get an alignment. I ended up using the "Icehawk" alignment on


Camber: -1.5°
Toe out 1/16" per side


Camber: -2°
Toe in 1/16" per side

Everything was peachy for a couple weeks, then I started noticing the car pulling to the left a bit. I looked at the toe and could visually see a difference.

So I go get the same alignment and WOW the toe was off by a bit over a 1/4'! The camber was also off on all corners. I participated in the first alignment so I know it was done correctly. I go to an autocross the next day and it cut the corners like butter.

But at 55+ mph I have this "rumble" in the gas pedal. It's nothing drastic but I can feel it. Nothing in the brake pedal, just the gas. What could it be?
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