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G'day from Sydney Australia.........i see some of my compatriots are already here! 8)

Firstly, i am very happy to have found a website catering for JDM Roadster styling and tuning enthusiasts.......its like i have found a new home on the net....its great to see so many international posters (more so that Miataforum)

Presently, i am Roadsterless, in the past i have had both a light tune NA6, and also a 280ps NA8 (Turbo). At the moment, i do my daily driving in my Mazda 6 Luxury Sports model (Atenza) however i need a i have started getting parts together to build an NA8 Roadster. I already have Torsen, Tein Basic, Mazdaspeed STB, Cusco V2 Lower Arm Bar, JDM Billet Flywheel, 4-1 SS i am well on my way! I will be looking for some wheels soon 8)

Anyway, i look forward to joining in Roadster talk with you guys...

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Gday Guys,

Quick update : Picked up the new beast on Xmas eve last year. Its an 89 with 137,000klms. At the moment the car has an HKS Turbo kit with FCON mini piggyback, however i am giving the turbo the flick shortly. Its half done at the moment - will be completed in 2 months (have 90% of parts already) This will be the full spec

Engine / Driveline

JDM NB6 Engine (125PS - MAF / Solid Lifters)
RB 4-1 Header
2.25in SS Mandrel exhaust with HF Cat
Cowl Air Induction
1.8 Exedy clutch and JDM Billet Flywheel (10.8lb)
4.44 Final Drive
1.8 Diff - Torsen centre

Chassis / Brakes

TEIN Basic Coilover
NB Upper mounts
RB Hollow front Bar
Cusco Type 2 lower arm bar
Mazdaspeed STB
Cannon Rear subframe brace
Brown Davis Roll Bar
OEM Early Hardtop (no lining/demister)
OEM Front lip spoiler
Work Nezart 15x7 et 35
1.8 Brake Upgrade
Hawk HP+ Pads
SS Lines
XSpeed Master Cylinder stopper

Plus a lot of other bits and pieces..thats the main stuff however.

Here is a shot of the way it looks now........its got Koni / Eibachs on it now, will be fitting the rest of the stuff soon...Once done will get a bunch of shots up 8)


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Yes! I like the car. The wheels are sweet!

Thanks for the update and good luck with your project!
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