Getting rid of the 95 MAF

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I have a 95 Miata with a DIYPNP and a GM IAT sensor piped into the airbox. My MAF sensor has been completely disconnected, and is only there to fill the space from the stock airbox to the crossover pipe. I've got a Randall intake so I want to keep the airbox instead of just throwing a cone filter onto the crossover pipe.

Has anyone come up with a slick way to replace the MAF tube without major surgery to the airbox or crossover tube? I'm trying to retain the ability to swap the MAF and stock ECU in for emissions testing. I've been looking for a piece of piping that matches the MAF tube to see if the MAF causes any restriction. A straight pipe doesn't quite cut it, though, as one size is larger than the other. I think it's about 4 inches long with a 3" opening necking down to a 2.75" opening. Any ideas?
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get a silicone reducer coupler and a short 3 inch pipe and a short 2.75 pipe. should solve your problem
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