Which gauges you prefer between

  • Reverse Glow

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  • Glow

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Well for the last year I had in my car the Reverse glow gauges!
I LOVED the look of these gauges at night, but in day time they didn't look serious...
You see they were blue and red on white background...
I new that from the very beginning since that's the only way to make reverse glow gauges.
I also didn't like the fact that they didn't require the removal of the pins of the gauges and as a result they had some black areas around the little screws of the gauges...yes I know I'm anal :)

So this weekend I decided to put regular glow gauges.
This time the gauges are black red and white (like all the good breed Audi's FYI Audi first introduced the white gauges) and they don't have the annoying black holes around the screws...
but they don't look so cool at night :( (but still they look pretty).

Which one you prefer?
Reverse glow
Glow gauges?

To me it's just if somebody asks me if I a prefer to drive day or night (since in different conditions there is a different winner)
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