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I just copped some drowned head lights off a damaged 99 FD3S, they are the C-west fixed conversion.

The buckets are no use as they dont follow the body lines but i want to use the lights. The low beam is an H1 bulb Catz 90mm and the high beam is a Fez? foglight looking thing.

I have 2 options one more asthetically pleasing with better light output the other is lighter in weight, a little more out of place looking and will have a little less light output.

I am leaning towards the better light output as thats the whole purpose to having head lights BUT i like my cars anarexic....i mean a cheerleader on a water and exlax diet anarexic hence the reason for this post.

Option one (will look better and provide better output)
Modify the stock pop ups so they are "sleepy" or low profile

Option two (15lbs lighter but near piss poor light output)
ditch the pop up assembly and hard mount the lights in the engine bay to look similar to this (i hope robert doesnt mind me linking to the pix, if you do ill take them down and host them on my photobucket if thats ok)


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I was just thinking that.

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I'm very curious as to what housing/bulb combos would promote good light out put in the recessed version. I'm not talking about ideal angles and location... .but more so about reasonably priced projectors/fogs/drivinglights/oem replacements that fit in the area and provide headlight quality light output.

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Hmm, so long as we're talking about the Moss units, do you think they would wirk with the Zoom Eng. headlight cover ducts? I'm not sure how the moss units impact the underside space.

Hey Laguna, I live in Kennesaw too, think I could take a gander at them when I get back stateside?
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