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GReddy Turbo Kit


IMO I think the kit is incomplete. In the ad it says it comes with all necessary hardware and a fuel pressure modifier. Well it did not come with a fitting for the oil return line. The actual line they give you for the oil return I burned thru 2 times. It did not come with a fuel pressure modifier. I think the position for the mass air flow sensor is bad. I had a Tannabe strut bar but I can?t use it because of the MAFS. I think the car gets to hot to fast, without having a turbo timer this could get tiring waiting for the car to cool down. No intercooler. The exhaust manifold is notorious for cracking. The oil caused by blow back really messes up the CAT. A straight piped exhaust should be used IMO.


I think there is only a couple things good about the kit. There is a lot of room to upgrade the kit, and the other is obviously more POWER. It?s a nice entry level kit.

Notes: I think that there is a need for certain things when considering this kit.
A fuel pressure regulator
Turbo timer
Oil catchcan
Some type of highflow CAT or a hollowed CAT

All and all I would rate this kit a 6.5 out of 10. 10 being best.

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hey you should have returned the product or contacted greddy i had one and it had all necessary hardware. according to greddy the 1gen mani were notorious for cracking the second batch of manifolds are supposed to be better and shouldnt crack. you could just spend 10 and have the local muffler shop and cut relief cuts on the manifold.

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obvious joke by moderator was obvious to everyone except you apparently
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