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how's it going everyone?

I'm Andrew found out about the forum today.. from Bill at the brs meet..

anyways thought i'd post some pics of my roadster

Paul (aka dj sqiigles) sitting in my roadster

Mods list.

-Mazda OEM Oil Filter
-Mobil 1 10w-30 (Fully Synthetic)
-K & N drop in filter

-Exedy Racing Clutch Stage 1
-Redline Synthetic 75w-90

-Tein S.S. coilover (16 way damper adjustable & height adjustable)
-Racing Beat rear lower control arm brace
-Brain Storm front subframe brace
-Brain Storm cockpit brace

-Enkei Racing S 15x6.5'' +32
-Yokohama ES100 (195-50-15)
-5mm spacer in the rear

-OEM Mazda Wheels 14X5.5'' +45
-Falken Ziex 512 (195-60-14)

-Okuyama master cylinder brace
-Blank Rotors
-PBR Semi-Metallic brake pads
-Prestone DOT 3 brake fluid

-Kyokugen wheel lock / lug set (black) w/ key 12x1.5

-Sparco Lap 5 Steering wheel (350mm)
-NRG quick release (Anodized Red)
-Momo Hub Adapter
-TC-Sportline spin turn knob
-Razo 400g Shift Knob
-Razo rear view mirror
-D.I.Y. "sleepy eye" thanks Paul, Kyle, and Jon.

-New Paint by Jesse @ Fleet Color (all badges removed)
-Front fenders rolled by Vision Autosport
-Canvas Top with glass window replacement window
-6'' Antenna replacment
-Sylvania Silver Star headlights
-Sylvania Silver Star signals


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freedomgli said:
Holy crap! It's the attack of the gigantic avatars! Everybody run! Ahhhhhhhhh!

Nice car. What's the orange car sitting in the driveway behind your Miata?
hahah whoops avatar changed..

that orange car behind mine is my buddy Ryan's 73' VW notchback or as he calls it SUBYnotch.. has a ej20 in it from a subaru legacy
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