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I took the train through there up to Hollywood last weekend! (Scary...)

Do you have transportation to get to our meet this Friday at SuperAutobacs?

(Bring your wallet...)

If you don't have wheels, I'm sure one of us will chauffeur you around.


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Haha, I just drove past there on the 91.
That's what that Ralphs is? I always wondered why it looked differant :lol:

I live about 2 miles west of where the 91 ends, I can see Artesia from my house right now :)

Oh! You can come out to the meet tommorow, whereever it may be :?

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Bryan's straight outta Compton? :shock: :lol: Have fun out there, man!

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Matt [exz3owner said:
@ Thu Sep 07, 2006 9:34 pm]I didn't realise you were out here. I'd make it out to the meet if I could.

But my mother is in town from the east coast. How often are you out here?
Very seldom, Matt. I understand if you can't make it.

To answer your question, Tim, Ralph's is a grocery chain based out of Compton that Kroger acquired years ago (actually we got them when we got Fred Meyer out of Portland). We are slowly but surely converting them over to Kroger's enterprise systems.

Bill, I'll give you a call, but I can't make any promises right now.
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