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I bought this beauty while I was deployed to the Middle East earlier this year. $1500 got me a nice NA with a few bolt-ons. I decided to start the gutting process for weight since I bought it as a Challenge car for the Grassroots Motorsports $2006 Challenge.

Bignose Motor
Greddy Stage 1 (non-intercooled) turbo kit(8pounds of boost)
Greddy Fuel Pressure Regulator
Mazda RX7 Fuel Pump
Pontiac Fiero Radiator
Flexlite Slimfit Fan

Dropzone Coilovers
Lower Strut Bar
Upper Strut Bar
Stock Miata Wheels (Daily Driving wheels are painted Black & Race wheels are painted Red)
Kumho Victoracer Rubber
*Getting a set of Diamond Racing Wheels (13x10's)*
Upgraded Stock 1.6L To 1.8L Brakes
Stainless Steel Braided Brake Lines
Viscous Limited Slip Differential
*Soon to be no power steering either*

Autometer Boost Gauge
Blitz Turbo Timer
2005 MazdaSpeed Convertible Top.
More Mods Forthcoming!

I DO have a few questions though.
I'm moving to Turkey in Feb (Military) and I'd like to do some upgrades to various areas on the car. Paint & body work is GREAT over there in the local Turkish economy, so no worries on that. I'd however like some info on a few things. I'm planning on buying some CF parts (hood for sure), but have been having a hard time finding a CF trunk lid. I'd like to get these parts BEFORE January...since I have to have the car ready to ship then. Any info would be greatly apprciated i.e. websites, pictures, etc.
Thanks in advance!

I also drive a clean Mazda Protege5 :p Keepin' it Mazda!


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axis power has a cf trunk lid and they are in the US , they are prolly your best bet.

you can also get some from japan but itll take about a month for shipping.

the ones i know of are:
Jet's ducktail cf trunk
OpenAir also has a ducktail cf trunk
irf has a regular cf trunk.

i know theres more when i remember em ill add em.

this is axis powers website

the other link can be found in the jdm tuner shop forum
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