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Hey everyone,

Enkei recently released a very nice 15x8 wheel with +28 offset that’s a great fitment for the NA or NB Roadster. The 15x8 wheel is currently only available in regular Silver color.

REV9 SBC Limited Edition
As we always praise uniqueness, we have the opportunity, with Enkei, to create a very limited batch of 15x8 +28 wheels with SBC (Special Brilliant Coating) color. It’s very similar to chrome, it has a deep, wet, mirror finish that’s a bit darker than chrome but lighter than black chrome.
The finish has never been offered in that size and offset, so these would be the firsts on the market and I believe they will be the only ones ever offered.

Now, for the pricing of these beauties. Check any site online, SBC version is always a ~$100 option per wheel from Enkei. That’s how it is and all companies like Work Wheels, Weds, etc. charge that same price when you choose a special finish. I wish I could offer them at the same price as regular silver, but it’s not possible.
Retail of 15x8 is $235 a wheel. The retail of the SBC 15x8 is $337.50 a wheel which ends up at $1350 for a set of 4 wheels (+ shipping).
Group buy price is $1099.99 (=$275 a wheel) + shipping. That’s only $40 to get the SBC option. This is a one-time deal and because I really want a set for my shop car, I kept the price as low as possible and I will not be allowed to sell it at this price after the group buy. We need to sell 10 sets to make it happen. Extra possible discounts: 20 buyers : $25 REV9 Gift Card

How to order?
Order link for the deposit :

Enkei Japan requires 120 days for the custom wheels to be made. Sometimes it arrives as early as 90 days, but the ETA will be 120 days after REV9 has placed the order. Order will be placed once we reach the minimum buyers (8). The wheels will ship from our warehouse in USA as the deal with Enkei includes container shipping to USA.

Now, for the pictures, we don’t have the ones of the actual wheels because they are not made yet, so please look at below pictures to give you an idea of what it will end up looking like.

WHEEL SHAPE (15x8) :



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