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I'll have to get back with you guys on that.

It's late over here on the East coast.

I've already been up too late.

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How do we use these? I think it would be handy for regional announcements.
Right now Groups are only used to manage privileges for administrators, moderators, and sponsor vendors. You may wish to consider populating your Buddy List and using the Private Messaging feature to send announcements to more than one person at a time.

What are Usergroups?
Usergroups are a way in which board administrators can group users. Each user can belong to several groups (this differs from most other boards) and each group can be assigned individual access rights. This makes it easy for administrators to set up several users as moderators of a forum, or to give them access to a private forum, etc.

How do I join a Usergroup?
To join a usergroup click the usergroup link on the page header (dependent on template design) and you can then view all usergroups. Not all groups are open access -- some are closed and some may even have hidden memberships. If the board is open then you can request to join it by clicking the appropriate button. The user group moderator will need to approve your request; they may ask why you want to join the group. Please do not pester a group moderator if they turn your request down -- they will have their reasons.

What are the Buddy, Ignore, and Disallow Lists?
Buddy, Ignore, and Disallow Lists are a means by which you can easily find or contact other users or prevent other users from finding or contacting you on the messenger software.

So these lists are built into the messenger? Do they work in other parts of the forums?
Yes, the lists are built into the messenger. No, they do not work in other parts of the forums, except for the Buddy Management control panel. The board administrator can install an expanded version of Buddy, Ignore, and Disallow Lists to add functionality to other parts of the forums.

How do I edit my Buddy, Ignore, and Disallow Lists?
To edit your Buddy, Ignore, and Disallow Lists, simply access your User Control Panel.

How can I add a user to my Buddy, Ignore, and Disallow Lists?
Access the control panel and go to the page for the particular list to which you wish to add a user. Then enter the user's username in the form near the bottom of the page and press the Add User button.

There are also links to add a user to or remove a user from your lists in the Read Message window. What are these other three lists in the control panel?

Those are lists of users who have added you to their own Buddy, Ignore, and Disallow Lists
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