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After I changed the oil on this car for the first time after I owned it I noticed the oil pressure was a little low at idle (needle halfway between 0 and 30), but at 3k it'd sit slightly right of 30 so I figured it was fine. That was like a few weeks ago. Put something like 300 miles on the oil change by now.

Last night I go up and down a local mountain road. Not too steep, didn't drive too hard, mostly held the revs around 4k. Today at work on my lunch break I notice the oil P is really really low. Now it won't even hit 30psi at 3k rpms and idle is 1/4th of the way between 0 and 30. With my luck, I'll spin all my bearings on the drive home.

When I did the oil change I put oil in the filter and everything before I screwed it on and it showed 0 psi for a second or two after I started it back up. I figure that was normal since the oil system needs to pressurize after an oil change. Sometimes the gauge will start to climb normally but twitch and fall back down

The car's a 94 1.8 with 108k miles and a functional oil pressure guage. Changed the oil about 400 miles ago, Castrol GTX 10W30 and a bosch oil filter. I've considered that the sender might be busted too, since the gauge has never swept past 60, hot or cold. But if it's an engine problem, that's probably irrelavant.

Anything I can check/do, if it's not the sender, and before I start shopping for a new motor? (or car)

note: I'm at work and have a 15 minute drive home. If there's trouble, will I hear the HLAs if the oil pressure falls really low?
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