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heres a tip that works. Run a full tank of 91 octane fuel (BEST IS SHELL GASOLINE - Dont use cheap stuff) and than fill it up to the 1/4 - 1/3 full mark with 91 octane yet again. Next, go to kragen or autozone or something and buy a product called IsoHeet. You want to get 3 of the bottles. Add the 3 bottles of IsoHeet to your gas tank and run the car for like 50 miles and make sure its warmed up when you bring it to the smog shop.

Doing this lowers the NO emissions down significantly and I've lowered NO by like 400 points doing so when I used to have an 87 MR2, and I've gotten an old Dodge durango 4x4 to pass smog from high NO this way as well. basically it makes your engine run much much cooler, your engine is running hot, being why your NO emissions are up.

After you pass, make sure you fill up with a full tank of Shell 91 octane to re-dilute the Isoheet.

best of luck =D

IsoHeet - Fuel line water remover stuff
This worked a treat! Thanks!
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