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first off..i have searched and searched for a week and am still lightless...i have a 93 that i just bought a week ago. when i test drove it the headlights worked fine until i pulled back into the parking lot and they just went out. turning the switch on will not open the barn doors or turn on the low beams but if i press the wave button, the headlights pop up. only when i pull back and hold the highbeams do they (the highbeams) come on. i cam to the conclusion that it was the relay after jumpering some wires on the relay plug and the barn doors open, jumpered another and the low beams turned on. so i bought a relay (la12) from rosenthal mazda, finally got in today but still same problem..when i jumper the relay plug everything turns on like before...whats the problem???? i thought it may be be switch but the park lamps still turn on. any help is appreciated.
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