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Alright well im in the process of doing my nb dash swap. I have climate control and hazard all wired up, but now im trying to figure out the altrnative for the headlight pop-up switch.

It uses 3 wires
"Taken from"
Red wire/blue stripe... always at +12 volts; fed from the 30 ampere "Head" fuse in the Main Relay and Fuse Block.

Red wire/green stripe... goes to Retractor Relay wiper contact.

Red wire/yellow stripe... goes to Retractor Relay normally-open contact, and to anodes of diodes internal to each headlight motor.

I want to use the unused defroster switch in the nb conosole, its also 3 wire, but im not familiar with circuitry enought to read diagrams to understand the way in which it works. So if anyone is familiar with it, or has the diagrams to look at. Is it possible? And if not by the switch alone, what about adding in a relay?
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