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Current Symptoms:
Headlights, interior lights and gauges flickering.
All lights flicker faster as RPMs increase.
They flicker like: dim bright dim bright.

I've changed the headlights because i thought it could be a solution, but no.
I don't have a radio or speakers in the car. I didn't have this issue before or after removing the radio.
I've had a refurbed alternator since...less than 10k miles ago.
Alternator is charging the battery.
New Autozone Battery since May 2016.

I've cleaned the battery terminals, I checked the grounds that are in the engine bay, and the cleaned the ground strap on the PPF when I installed my 4.3 Torsen last week.

Still flickering. :suicide:

All I know, it is a ground issue.

Thoughts, Questions, Answers, Concerns?
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