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Hi guys and gals, long time lurker/poster, first time introducing myself. I bought this 97 Black & Tan beauty with almost a quarter of a million miles on her and it has been nine months since I've owned her. I dealt with a nasty oil burn, 1qt/250m, that I didn’t find out about while I was buying it, which ended up killing the cat+O2s, but I was able to find a decently priced rebuilt engine. My mods have stayed away from performance while I learn about this car, its potential and limits.

I also own an AT 03 Acura CL-S which has recently been enjoying the driveway more than the road, and is primarily used when it rains (lol!) or on the rare long-distance drive to the desert. (read: Vegas)

I live in Sunny Southern California and travel California East/West South/North quite frequently. I would love to meet all you miata lovers!

What's been done so far:

Dapper black hid projector kit (couldn’t see anything after coming from an HID car)
East Coast Miata Vintage Mirrors(these are def form over function :( )
Smoked turn signals + corner reflectors
1992 14" BBS wheels (my favorite mod, I actually realized my 2nd car has a replica of these)
ILM center console (Couldn’t stand everything in the cup holders getting in the way of 4th gear)
Wood grain wheel/shifter/handbrake (I like wood)
New tan floor mats with billet guard(Mats were worn, got good deal)
Clearwater speakers all around (Bought into marketing)
Brainstorm Fuel lid(Shiny!)
Chrome side markers(Shiny!)
East Coast Miata door scuff guard(Shiny!)
KYB AGX shocks with H&R springs(Not a very good choice in hindsight, but hindsight is 20/20)
Rear shock tower bar(Shiny trunk shoe holder!)
Mazdaspeed rear sway(Made more difference than I thought!)
new cat conv + O2s(Turns off those CELs)
replacement rebuilt motor @ 245k(Stopping the oil burn)
rebuilt shifter(Smooth!)
all new fluids, wires, plugs, timing etc(Resonsive!)
Akebono pads all around(old brakes surprised me when they stopped the car)
new tires(killed old ones with enough donuts to kill a cop [after puncturing, and fix-a-flatting one])

There’s a bunch more to come that I don’t want to spoil but I’ve been loving this roadster so far!

As she sits now:

When I bought her:

Sorry for the cell phone pics, I have a photog friend, but I won’t let him photo it until I think it’s “ready”; Spring ’15, 1yr ownership! (fingerscrossed)

Feel free to ask any questions!
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