Hello, from a small town.

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Hey, I'm new and just wanted to say hi ^_^
My name is cameron(I'm from a small town called Harleysville,Pennsylvania) and i just joined the site yesterday. Cause i happened to look at my cardomain and saw someone invited me to join. I've owned my Classic red, for only a couple of weeks now but i love her. Its driven amazingly for the time i've had the miata. I don't really have too many mods planned ,but i am dying to feel the boost of a turbo. haha. My friends told me i should have gotten a 240sx, civic, or impreza if i wanted to turbocharge something. But i've always loved miatas and I think it was a good trade off for my 97' Celica. And i think thats about it....hmm...Pleased to meet everyone ^_^ and look forward to getting to know everyone better. (i'll probably put some pictures up soon )
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I don't know if you know this already, but your friends are full of ****. You bought a fully boost-ready platform, Miatas handle 12 lbs. of boost with ease and put down fantastic numbers.
Of course they could just be misinformed, and not really full of **** ;)
i dunno, im still thinking they are just full of ****. :p

PIC OR BAN!! haha
Welcome to the fold, brother :)

Nah, seriously...if you like your car, learn about it, and forget about what other people say. Try to get as much firsthand info as you can. Most of what they know is at best thirdhand and circumstantial, I bet you.
Of course they could just be misinformed, and not really full of **** ;)
Thanks guys for such a warm welcome . :mrgreen:

ok so some pics?

some of these are old , cause its now from pennsylvania and not Jersey.

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