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Hello! I haven’t been on any forums since 2007. This will be my first time joining any online forum. Originally from Club4AG &

I wanted to say hello and put down a list of items on the car #fyp and for future reference. It’s very exciting to be a part of a car community again, it has been many years since I’ve done something like this. On a personal level this is quite thrilling to join a group of like minded individuals. my wife and I had children young, so I’ve veered off the beaten path of my love of cars to my love of family. Thank you club roadster, here’s the list!

1990 Miata with 330k on chassis. Purchased through a great buddy of mine. Roughly 5k miles on the rebuilt engine.

Currently will be needing the Torsen 1.8 upgrade as My main focus. She’s no shiner (not yet) but she’s got charm.

Suzuki cappiccino washer fluid reservoir
Warped terrible fitting hard top
Jass performance hard top brackets
Full forward miatacage with gusseted A-Pillars
Sparco sprint seats
Full flat floor, oem mounts removed
Steel plate replace for the tunnel hump up
Miata Cage Steering hub
Momo 350mm
Cobalt shift knob(it gets hot)
Oem Rebuild shifter bushing
Cobalt E-Brake handle (it also gets hot)
Newly replaced OE motor mounts
Dorman OE unit driveshaft
Oem flywheel
Exedy oem clutch
Rebuilt and de powered Steering rack
Newly replaced oem rack bushings
Oem replacement inner & outer tie rods
Rare A/C pulley mount w/o power steering
Innovate Motorsports AFR narrow band Bosch 4 pin
5xracing AFPR
Purple Top Injectors
JR Ceramic Coated Headers
New Catalytic convertor
Cobalt exhaust
NGK spark plugs (6) heat range iridium
Gapped .40 & indexed
NGK spark plug wires
New coil pack
New dash pot
CSF 2 row radiator
Napa 195 thermostat
Sunbelt Head
Integral cams Forgotten duration
Obx adjustable cam gears
Super tech pistons 10.5cc 8.8:1
Total seal rings ( no oil control issues )
Eagle connecting rods
Balanced rotating assembly w/ flywheel and SNC
Teflon crank scraper
Cobalt tri mount strut brace
Eibach Spec Miata F/R Sway bars
NA8 Brakes
Slotted rotors w/ EBC Yellowstuff
Good ridge SS braided brake lines
Good ridge SS braided clutch line
Motul RBF600 brake fluid
Cheap China tires 185/60 “there’s cement in those tires”
14” BBS
Biletein PSS9
Pioneer deck(Walmart)
Infinity door speakers
New A/C condenser
New air drier receiver
Old A/C compressor
Old school bay area Drift Unit License plate frame I got from a buddy.
Need to install engine shroud/under tray

No oil control issues with total seal rings
Runs quite happily at 18degrees on 91 and spark plugs gapped at .046
Currently commuting on 10degrees on 87 octane and spark plugs gapped at .040
30-33mpg commuting from Central Valley to the Bay Area 200 miles round trip
Passed Smog legally!

Thank you for reading!
Glad to be a part of something cool again.

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hmm, south bay AND central valley? you only get to pick one 'round here pal. :)

We need more best coast people on this forum.
I live and have a house in Central Valley but my wife and I commute to the Bay Area for work and are there most of the week. We camp out at my parents home due to our work schedule 8-12 hrs for me and my wife works as a nurse with 2 nursing jobs. She averages 14-16 hrs of sleep per week. We also commute with one car.
We are originally from the South Bay and spend most of outlets time in both areas 50% of the time. Not much to do in Central Valley so we make the trip because it’s worth it.
Also thank you for your reply!!! :)
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