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Hey from SoCal! ZefSide's Red NA Build!

Hey whats up everyone!
Proud new owner of a 92 mx-5!
Purchased about 2 months ago, 2500 was a steal
Completely bone stock
with 10/10 interior!

Only a few mods so far, looking to soon make this my dream miata!

here some pics! thanks!

Week after i bought here, installed the GV lip!

Next installed the C- Pillar!

Next got some new dr 41s 15x7 with 205/50 tires
also took fog lights off, not my style

Next got my hands on some rota grid classics 15x8 with new falken tires 195/50 nice little stretch

got my hands on somekoni yellow coil overs with eibach springs, rolled my fenders and threw my wheels on :D

pretty much what my baby looks like right now.

Thanks! Negative comments are not wanted!
wouldnt say im a noob but i dont know everything about miatas so im always looking for posotive input! Thanks!

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Kinod is a very popular SoCal meet. Im also a bit new and have only gone once, but it was very cool (Id go more often if I didn't get off at 11pm and live in Irvine...)

Heres the info

"starts at 9: 30 pm
but people usually come at 10pm

Krispy Kreme
1548 Azusa Ave.
City of Industry, CA 91748 US
Phone: 626-964-5044

then around 11-12pm, or later, so it moves to:

In & Out
17849 E. Colima Rd.
City of Industry, California 91748"

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you should probably mention that we never go to in n out lol

You never go.

I been known to grab a Double Double after everyone else goes to Maxim.

I'm old, I really shouldn't be eating that late anyway...

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