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Hi there! Allow me to introduce myself; My name is Ken and I am from the SF bay area region of California. After a 3 year long search and saving up, I finally got myself a miata :D Believe it or not, some guy drove 9 hours out of his way to sell me his car. Don't ask me why, but I think it involved money for drugs or something. Anyway, it is a 1997 BRG M edition miata, the exact year and color I wanted. The body isn't in the best shape, but the motor was healthy. Hopefully I can find some other enthusiast here in the bay that can help me with my new baby, since the driver side window won't roll down (I get my drive thru food with my top down :p). After lurking around some other miata forums, I found clubroadster to be more to my liking and am glad to have joined. Here's some photos of her:

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