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Just found this site through, looks like a cool forum, and I love jdm hotness :roll: .

Anyway my name's Mike, I'm from Washington State, USA. I drive a '99 Miata.
I see everyone posts their mods here so I will too:

AVO turbo manifold
GT28 Turbo
Custom 2.5" exhaust
NGK spark plugs/wires
Greddy Type-S BOV
Greddy eManage Ultimate
Greddy MAP sensor
Innovate Motorsports LC-1 wideband O2
310cc injectors

D2 RS Coilovers 7/6kg
Level 7 Tune tie rod spacers
Hard Dog Hard Core 4-point roll bar
Strut Bar
Kaaz 1.5way LSD
Stage 3 6-puck clutch

Sparco Speed bucket seat
Sparco 4-point 3" harness
MOMO Steering wheel
Megan gauges
Kenwood deck
Focal speakers

Bomex front bumper
Mazda OEM side skirts
Carbon Fiber Hood
8K HID healights
Rolled/pulled fenders
Custom license plate bracket
15x8 +0 SportMax 002 rims Hankook Ventus RS2 tires
15x7 +20et Enkei 92 meshes

More info/pics here:

Here's some pics:


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Ah! I see you too are a victim of the "bent air filter from pushing too hard" are is sweet. Get the filter replaced and use some silicone when fitting that over the AFM. I too have done this many many many times.
A friend did that by cleaning the engine, put a bag over the filter and forgot to remove the bag when starting the car! That'll bend it real quick!!

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Yeah, I know about the air intake, it was supposed to be temporary but it's been like that for like a month already :lol: I'll get that fixed asap. What do I need silicone for? I dont get it.
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