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Found a link to this place from another forum I frequent. This seems like the crowd I've been looking for in the miata world. Been on, but it's more of a "mature" group, not bad, just not what I'm looking for. I'm speedhole on every other forum I frequent, but was beaten to the punch here by only a day. :lol:

So, Anyway, Hi.

Added my car and some pics in the garage/gallery thing. Still learning all the areas and features here.

Right now my roadster is in the body shop getting fixed after a minor collision with a moron without insurance or valid license. I'm in desperate need of some "inspiration" till I can get out of my rental Dodge Caliber, and back into my toy.
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welcome, from the pics I see your car is pretty clean looking, cant wait to see updated pics
Welcome and glad to have you here!

Hope you get out of that craptacular Caliber and back into your Miata soon.

I rented one of those Calibers and it was junk! Slow and lame!
WooHoo, body shop just called. All done! In a few hours I'll have it back. :D
ok, so within a week of getting my car back, kinda wrecked again.

All the kings horses and all the kings men should have it all put back together again by the end of the week.

I would have been posting more, but it's hard to be entusiastic about a car I haven't driven in 3 weeks.
Yup pretty much. Getting it back today after work though. Woo.
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