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Posted on too,but I need help.. asap! :(

Ok, so there's a LOT of clutch play now (maybe half way down). The car starts fine, but I cant get it to go into gear. I'm at work now and the car is sitting at my apartment.

I don't have a second car.. so this is quite a problem.

I'm going back to the apt to take a good look under the hood soon. Anything in particular I should try to be looking at? What can it be? The clutch just kinda went soft a day ago... there's a garage/gas station down the street so I may try to roll the car there tomorrow.


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its your clutch master or slave cylinder, or both.

check the garage section on ^.net for more info.

basically if your master cylinder is still full of clutch fluid, your master cylinder needs replacing, thats my understanding of my research because...

I had the same problem maybe a month ago, it started going out on me 10 miles from home, I made it home with as few gear changes as possible and even ran a red light.

I replaced only my master cylinder, and its all gravy now. do your research to find out what your problem is because a failure of one or the other has pretty much the same symptoms.
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