HELP: momo hub probs.

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so i took off the str wheel.disconnect er-ting. and cant connect the momohub to the shaft. why? because the clock spring for the air bag is still there!

the prob:clock spring. not to eager to cut and destroy all wires to fit wheel. i know i need the GRN/RED wire as the positive feed to hook up the horn. i know i can get that, but what do i do with the red and brown wire for the srs? i don't want to just cut them...and if i can't, i can't cut the wire for the horn either... its like an all or none knida thing...

WHAT DO I DO?????? any1 knows a guaranteed trick for this prob?

or should i just do it? would it hurt something to just have the srs wires just open if i ido cut em? is there a control unit to unplugg for the driver side? if so, where is it?
i still want the passenger side working.

btw. the air bag light blinks anyways.

suggestions pls.
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btw. this momo hub piece does not have a hole for the harness prong to enter into the hub itself. is there suppose to be one with it to let the clock-spring enter into the hub?
i personally just installed a momo hub /w rally/drift wheel yesturday and i ran into the same problem. so i jus ripped the clockspring dealio out along with the wires for the horn and slapped the hub right in.

im not sure on the horn thing, maybe jus wire one up with a separate switch ?

no no no no... shoulda waited... jesse show me a good link that's really helpful...look for it. it should be in under garage pg.
this mod in that pg. lets you keep the clock spring and shows you how to solve the air bag lite prob...using a 3ohm 1/4 watt resistor. and you can route the existin positive feed wire for the horn thru the hub if u remove the bottom ring... scott, pls check it out. if ur intention was to not rip all pieces out, then this wil be worth ur time to read.
off to radio shack i go...gonna do the resistor mod. i'll keep u posted. keepin the clock spring should cancel out ur turn signal. thats y i keep it.
Ok, those posts were just painfull to read...

Now, back to steering wheel installs.

First question - which hub are you using?

I did my install using the eBay hub (HKB or whatever it is).
Pics here -

You take the hub apart, drill two new holes for the pegs on the clock spring and bolt it all together.

The best install article for the eBay hub is on the pointy site -
It has everything documented nicely.

On a side not, wiring in a seperate horn may not be legal in your area, it isn't in North Carolina. The horn button has to function in its factory location, if the factory horn button was on the steering wheel, it has to stay on the steering wheel.
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laguna: i'm now using the 320mm monte carlo's.
w/momo hub. i modded it and wired the positive feed wire to the horn button that comes with the wheel. i also stretched the wire and used 1" extender hub since my hand keeps hitting the signal. now it has perfect feel. arms at 90deg. and steering response is awesome.
laguna: u ran solo2? i may want some tips on bringing this miata to STS standards to run again in the near future. =( if only they still had the old style azenis tires... love competing in those..sigh. so yea,whats the best psi's for 205/50/15 and what deg. of align have been favorable? 4 street? 4 track?
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