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i need your help!

i ordered two underdrive-pulleys from obx at tuning-depot over ebay

one for a buddie with a 93 canada miata 1.6 115hp power-steering NO a/c and the longnose-crank

one for my smurf 91 euro mx-5 1.6 115hp power-steering NO a/c and longnose-crank

these should both the same pulleys, right?

the link: and another same in his listings

i think he shows in both listings the wrong picture, or?

i think, the pulleys i need, have to be bolted onto the timing-gear with four bolts, do i think right?

i paid them with paypal and told them the specs i have written above, they replied that they do not know what to do with these specs and they do not know if the pulley will fit on my mx5 because its a european and the spec they list, are for us-miatas???

what should i do? have i ordered the right ones? do i think right, that the 91 1.6 longnose needs the same ud-pulley that the 93 1.6 longnose need?

i am strongly worried, that i ordered the wrong pulley and paid for it :oops:
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