Help with suspension clunking noise.

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A problem appeared with my '92 NA. After installing new coilovers, a clunking sound either appeared of became much more noticeable. It comes from the right rear control arm area.

The clunk happens when I hit potholes or washboard areas on the road, or when going over relatively small steps (about 1" or so) such as from the street to a driveway, or a large expansion joint.

  1. I've checked all the bolts that secure the suspension,
  2. removed the sway bar links,
  3. stripped my trunk
  4. checked diff mounts
  5. secured battery
  6. checked camber adj. bolts
  7. made sure the thin gaskets are in there
  8. spaced the rear brace to keep it from hitting the exhaust
Put the car on the lift 3 + times yesterday looking at everything (myself and several other guys), but could not replicate the clunk by physically trying to move the suspension or shake the car.

I did get in the trunk last night and jumped up and down a little bit and was able to hear/feel a clunk, but it's much louder when I'm driving...

This morning I backed it up on ramps and tried bouncing the car but that was a non-starter (car is much to heavy for me to lift). I did raise it with a hydraulic jack and lowered it as fast as it would go down, but that did not show anything.

I tried making the clunking appear again by jumping up and down inside the trunk, and it definitely can be felt and heard in the right side. I can also make it happen but less loudly by repeatedly tapping the brakes sharply when rolling to a stop.

I will try recording the noise and possibly mounting a small video cam to see what happens when I drive and get the clunk.

Any help would be very welcome!

Thanks in advance
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Are you tightening the coilovers down with weight on the suspension? If you just bolt it down with it in the air with the suspension sagging it will feel tight but there is still space to be threaded. The clunk would be the tophat slamming into the car because it is loose.
Fortune auto? I've been hearing they are ksport :confused: if so then don't expect much in terms of quality or ride or handling.
Nope. They are just manufactured over seas, then assembled here. Where on earth did you hear they were actually ksports? I think you might have misunderstood people. They were probably saying all these china manufactured coils are the same, in reference to build quality and performance.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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