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Hey my name's Nick. I'm a college student, live in Sonoma, CA, and work at a shop as a mechanic. I drive a 95 montego blue mica miata with 138k miles. I'm currently searching for a supercharger to pop my forced induction cherry, but my main focus is brake and suspension work. Really just trying to keep her simple and clean, nothing over the top. If you want to see the whole progress of my build I'm nick570z on


Megan racing coils (10kg front 8kg rear)

1986 ssr Hiro v1r 114x4
Front: 15x7 +15 offset
Rear: 15x7.5 +21 offset

Federal 595 195/45/r15

Hub adapters: 19mm 4x114.3 to 4x100

Garage vary front lip


Jackson racing supercharger
ACT 4 puck clutch
Wilwood brakes
garage star skid plate
Aluminum radiator
F+R sway bars
F+R strut bars
Polyurethane bushings
polyurethane motor mounts
Frame rail brace
hard top
hard dog roll bar
New timing belt
new water pump
New battery
new windshield

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