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been lurking on here for quite a while so thought id stick an intro thread up! im from over the water in the UK been in to mx5's for the last three years and got properly in to skidding over the last 2, started off with a red poverty spec uk mx5 with 32K on the clocks.. was far too clean to skid in but taught me well and I decided to do the sensible thing so sold it and bought this.. the guy who owned it before me bought it for a track toy and sessioned the nurburgring in it

drove it home.. stitched up a friend on the way back :)

done a few bits to it, got some cusco coilovers, manifold, decat and catback, OEM lip, welded the diff and got a harness, skidded it some more..

then realised I was probably going to die the way I was driving it so got a cusco 6point cage and a nice "East bear sports bucket seat" (jaydee em points or something like that) oh and a snap off steering boss, stripped it and added some banded steels..

Then got bored as **** as it was SERIOUSLY lacking power so decided to buy this setup from a friend of mine for the equivelant of about $400...

Bolted it on within a day and this was the result..

which in turn resulted in this.. the first drift day with my turbo setup... pumped the rears to 80psi and had ALOT of fun! that day was probably my most fun day drifting ever to this date..

and heres a quick in car video
had a couple of spins, but mainly due to not having my alignment setup properly, (back when I first started drifting and didint know about the whole loads of caster helping from going lock to lock etc etc)

then ended up slamming it on some borbet A's (I know this picture if photoshopped but they are now on my current car youll see that in a bit..)

had some fun in the snow.. car looks to of ate quite alot of it too haha :)

at this point I ended up aquiring myself two more roadsters (still have all three!)

Then I got bored yet again and ended up taking the turbo setup off and making a NASP build.. ended up buying a "competition clutch" lighened flywheel and 6 puck stage 4 clutch, Fujitsubo 4-1 manifold decat and catback, a set of 256 cams and verniers, megasquirt management and made my own ITB setup using GSXR 1000 IRTB's a chopped 1.6 inlet and port and polished the whole setup to make a smooth transition from the itb's to the inlet manifold, looked a bit like this :)
of course having the most invaluable tool in the engine bay..

and sounded a bit like this.. (HOWEVER the video properly, PROPERLY does not do them justice whatsoever, in real life fucking hell they sounded :wub: they were definitely erm, loud enough

anyway since then I have blown that motor to **** and lost heart in that project so I decided to build the black roadster up you saw earlier

This is what it currently looks like!

and the spec on it is:

1994 1.8 PZ black Eunos import,
Mazdaspeed front bumper
Mazdaspeed side spats
Mazdaspeed rollcage, soon to be replaced by a TR lane Full cage
Mazdaspeed spoiler (which I have taken off..)
Mazdaspeed manifold
Mazdaspeed oil cap

now the important bits,
HSD coilovers! (if you are looking for coilovers these really are awesome! definitely some of the best coilovers I have used..
Whiteline Anti Roll bars
Borbet A alloys ET 15
Toyo T1r tyres up front and whatever cheap chineese **** I can get my hands on for the back pumped up hard..
Torsen LSD
Axxis ultimate brake pads
same cat back as I used to have on the silver car, sounds lovely..
RS Active headlights (these are great for if you dont want to see where you are going in the dark :unsure: but jaydee em points and all so must be good :glare: )

theres a LONG way to go until Im happy with it, Iv just finished building this kit up..

cooper S eaton m45 charger setup with all the kit from TR lane fabrications,

and im just about to buy this..

my current plans are to get these bits next..

TR lane full cage
Bride zeta
Takata harnesses
Megasquirt (stupidly sold my last one ): )
intercooler setup and smaller pulleys to get it running around 200/220hp
Modified knuckles (if anyone has any on here or knows someone to contact to get some please pm me or leave a message )
Iconcept Tie rods with supernow FCrx7 rod ends (to corrent the bump steer)
eventually tub the arches
and put a standard front bumper back on with my OEM front lip

and most importantly, ALOT of track time in 2012 iv sort of dipped out quite a bit in 2011 so my new years resolution is to session the track time :)

as said iv been lurkin about here for a while but never really post **** but yeh, thats a rough background of my roadster past..

Thanks Charles

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Hi Chris,
Thanks! yeh been looking about for a while :) heres the PROPER intro post, I had to cut SO much out as I was only allowed to post 20 pictures on here.. Check this out:

haha yeh, poverty spec in the fact that it had wind up windows and no AC just power steering and that was about it lol :)

ahh the white car is a special one! its packed with JDM stuff and its got a full ZOOM engineering bodykit on it, il stick some pictures up at lunch time :) its got zoom front bumper, Zoom rear bumper, Zoom frp slim bootlid, Zoom rear lights etc etc pretty cool car!

and just noticed the "moss" emblem in your pic/sig, my mazdaspeed engine mounts came from them on my turbo car :)

but yeh, check the other link theres about another 20+ pictures on it

Thanks Charles

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Modified knuckles (if anyone has any on here or knows someone to contact to get some please pm me or leave a message )
There's a guy named Chelsea (no idea how to spell his name) on roadster drift I think who modifies knuckles

BTW, loving the progress of this car! Must be a blast to drive
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