Hi from rain filled wales! (With pics)

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Have been browsing for a loong time, but never got around to registering! :oops:

Anyway, here's my Roadster!

She might not be totally retro, but she is 17 years old now (chassis number 267!!) so she's about as old as they can get!

It's got another set of wheels for going quickly, a set of nice light wheels with some Toyo T1S's for track use, which are on the car at the minute...

And some shots from good 'ol green hell....

No real power mods, a couple of bits and peices, but I've spend a very very long time getting the chassis just so.

Hi By the way!

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Welcome! I recognize your car from MX5OC and I swear I saw your red Panasport G7s for sale over on recently. Anyways, I love the flares and the fastclassics picture in front of the warehouse is my new desktop.
Waaa the Nordschleife!!! :shock: Must go must go must go :twisted:

Nice car!!!
Very nice looking car you have there, I even like the looks.. That's saying a lot because I HATE red cars.
dang dude, love the wheels, and awesome pics on the ring
welcome to the forum and nice pictures!!

your avatar rocks.
your avatar rocks.
id like to second that^^^
...and also, very nice pics w/ flared miata 8)
Hi mr fastclassics,

also thrill seeker on UKOC, i love your car, hence why i have a red wide arched one muhahaha
Hi everyone, thanks!

Yea, I keep putting the Panasports on eBay, but I don't really get the interest in them, and to make matters worse, I keep falling in love with them over and over again, so I'll keep them in my garage and use them for autocrossing or get some slicks fitted to them! :D

The avatar is from my favourite road in the UK, the A4069 which is used constantly by Top Gear for filming, and as its only a 20 min drive from my house to the Brecons. As a result I can often be found tearing up and down the mountains at night, awesome stuff.

If you can make it to the ring, its got to be done. My cars only a 1.6, so I have to really work for any speed and obviously, being a Roadster, you dont need to slow down once your upto speed, so its great when an Elise or M3 driver comes over and says 'What are you running under that?' and you can smile back and say '110bhp.. mabey'. :p

This site seems like a cool place, the MX5oc all seem to be a bit obessed with 'I've polished my car and fitted some more chrome to it!', and thats not really my thing.

Here's a snap of the car with its other wheels on:

Cheers dudes,

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Hey Al.
Welcome to Club Roadster.

Your car does look really hot :D

I've been one of the people that's been not quite buying your Panasports when you put them on ebay :)

I really really like them, and do want some other Panasports that fill the arches more than my current ones, but don't want to have to have arch extensions, so have decided that I'll need to find some other ones :/
Very nice. I need to go to the 'Ring one of these days.
chrome is for gheys
I like the red wheels. They look clean on your red car.
wow, best first post ever... Ring shots!!!
I?ll be back at the ?Ring next weekend, so I?ll have a few more piccies of the car being given some beans? Now the weather is better there will hopefully be some more photographers at Adenau Forst for some nice sideways entry shots! Last time I went, as you can see the weather was on and off all weekend, so it was impossible to really gauge if the corner was going to be dry (until the end of the day when it was bone dry) :D

Interestingly, the MX5 really suits the ?Ring well, and if they had around 160bhp-170bhp, I think that?d be a perfect ring car. The gearings even about right for most entry speeds. I was so impressed with it, I slated MX5?s for years before I tried a couple, and thought ?wait a mo? this is epic fun?. I love it so much my plans for an Evo are now on hold!

Awesome site btw. -al
Is it easy to get your car down there? Expensive?
i am planning a trip to the ring also :D, well when my friend eventually gets his mr2 turbo.
welcome Al ...

sorry, I forgot your name when I was telling Alex about the other tuckin99 flared cars in the UK :oops:

what we need to do is a get an article on the "ring" arranged for Road&Ster and get some of the Japanese tunimg shops bring over their cars for a weekend racing :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

GHO or Nopro N2 cars around the ring :shock:
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