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Hello to all!!

Well, about three weeks ago I purchased my first Miata!! She's a 1990 5spd with 150,000 miles on her. The original paint color was Silver Stone Metallic, some idiot that previously owned it painted it an ugly maroon color.... The previous owner, turns out, didn't do too much maintaining of the car either :evil:. So, since I bought it I put in a used rear diff., accessory belts and now it looks like I am going to need to replace the water pump and timing belt. The reason, other than maintenance, is because I can see coolant leaking from the front of the engine, behind the crank pulley. There are many other things on the maintenance to do list, but this is just the start. Eventually I will be re-painting the car back to it's original color. Lucky for me I work at a local bodyshop that happens to be part of a Mazda dealership :D I also intend on doing some performance mods as money alows.

CR has been a great motivation along with lots of great information. There are awesome cars everywhere on this site, with some pretty cool people to boot!!

-Joel :mrgreen:
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