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So I swapped out my old high mile 1.6 due to a snapped snc for a low mile 1.6 w/ an oem clutch. Now I have a high idle around 1.2-1.5k rpm, but if I use my power windows the rpm's drop to about 750 and idles there until the throttle opens again. Someone told me I have a bad throttle body, but it worked fine on the old motor before the crank broke and it has been cleaned. So my question is, is it really a throttle body or am I missing something?

Also, my oem clutch is having issues and not wanting to go into 1st gear or the car will move forward in gear w/ clutch in. Then that stopped and it had a delayed reaction time and didn't grab until the peddle was all the way out. Now its started to not go in 1st gear again, but grabs where it should. I think I have a leak somewhere, could there just be air in the line? It also feels extremely mushy like a marshmallow could push the pedal down.

Thanks guys,
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